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Exercisers, Muscle Strength, Lever/Pulley-Cable, Full Body

Definition : Muscle strength exercisers designed to provide resistance to contraction of any major body muscle group using equipment based on a system of pulleys and cables, or levers. These exercisers usually consist of a stand-alone machine with weights stacked on top of each other, a system to transmit the force (i.e., to convey resistance), and lever bars or pulley cables on which the user exerts force to counteract the exerciser resistance. Pulley-cable full-body exercisers usually contain low cables with adjustable positions to train the upper body, trunk, and lower body. Full-body strength exercisers are intended to improve muscle strength in the entire body (arm, chest, back, abdomen, leg); they may also increase muscle size, muscle endurance, and power and improve bone density.

Entry Terms : "Full Body Weight Machines" , "Full Body Weight Lifting Machines"

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