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Exercisers, Flexibility

Definition : Exercisers designed to facilitate the physical exertion of body muscles by voluntary contraction and relaxation of the muscles (i.e., active exercisers), intended primarily to improve the range of motion (i.e., flexibility) around a joint by supporting and/or positioning the user, making it possible to stretch the muscles. These exercisers are usually portable devices that may include handlebars, exercise balls, or stand-alone exercise workstations. Flexibility exercisers are intended to improve the flexibility of the muscles in the upper limbs, trunk, and the lower limbs; like all exercisers, they may improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance in particular parts of the body (e.g., upper and/or lower body). Dedicated flexibility exercisers are available for stretching the upper limb and/or trunk (e.g., inversion table, exercise ball), lower body (e.g. slant board), and full body (stretching units).

Entry Terms : "Flexibility Exercisers" , "Stretching Exercisers" , "Exercisers, Body Stretch"

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