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Exercisers, Computer-Aided Training, Gait

Definition : Computer-aided training exercisers designed to train and assess a patient's gait. These exercisers include a patient weight support system employing a harness attached to a metal frame. Some of these exercisers include two movable foot plates at the bottom of the structure and others have a treadmill that patients walk on with the aid of a robotic exoskeleton; both styles of exercisers assist patients in moving their legs while bearing some of their body weight. All of these exercisers include a computerized unit that monitors, measures, analyzes, and gives feedback on a user's ambulatory abilities. These exercisers can be adjusted to meet specific physical therapy needs of an individual patient; weight-bearing support and speed can be customized for each patient, sometimes pre-programmed, and adjusted as patients progress in their therapy.

Entry Terms : "Robotic Gait Trainers" , "Computerized Gait Training Exercisers" , "Gait Training Machines"

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