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Electrodes, Cardiac, External Pacemaker, Transcutaneous

Definition : Cardiac electrodes designed to attach to a patient's chest for transcutaneous delivery of pacing pulses to the heart from an external pacemaker and/or pacemaker/defibrillator. The electrodes may be applied on the thorax surface either in the anterior-posterior position (i.e., one electrode over the heart and one directly behind it) or in the anterior-anterior position (i.e., one electrode near the apex of the heart and one on the right chest). These electrodes typically are large surfaced (80 to 100 square cm), frequently pregelled, disposable pads; the electrode impedance may be high (e.g., more than 500 Ohms) for electrodes used only for pacing or low for electrodes intended for external pacing and defibrillation. Transcutaneous external pacemaker electrodes can deliver simultaneous stimuli to all chambers of the heart; they are intended to assist in resuscitating patients, to correct arrhythmias, or for temporary pacing during surgical placement of implantable pacemakers.

Entry Terms : "Electrodes, Pacemaker, Noninvasive Transcutaneous" , "External Cardiac Pacemaker Electrodes, Transcutaneous" , "Transcutaneous Electrodes, External Cardiac Pacemaker"

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