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Dock/Battery Chargers, Hearing Aid

Definition : Supporting structures designed to hold and charge the internal rechargeable batteries of hearing aid devices over a period of time (usually about 5 hours for a full charge). These docks (also known as docking stations) typically consist of a structure made of metal, hard plastic, or a combination of these that is usually placed on a tabletop. The docks hold and provide appropriate connectors to plug-in or cradle the hearing aids for one or both ears, providing means to recharge their internal batteries. Some feature LED lights that indicate how far along the recharging cycle is. The docking stations have line cords for connection to the mains or they can use special adaptors that plug into car power outlets. Some hearing aid docks/battery chargers have lids and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the hearing aid devices while their batteries are recharging. Hearing aid docks/battery chargers are usually specific to the brand or model of hearing aid that they can recharge. They are used in the homes or sometimes in the automobiles of the hearing aid wearers.

Entry Terms : "Hearing Aid Dock/Battery Chargers" , "Hearing Aid Docking/Charging Stations"

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