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Detectors, Aseptic Barrier Penetration

Definition : Detectors designed to elicit a visual or audible signal when penetration (strike-through) of a potential contaminant (e.g., body fluids, microorganisms) through an aseptic barrier, such as protective attire, is detected. Penetration detection is possible in several ways. Some detectors operate based on the simultaneous use of two gloves on each hand separated by a layer of gel that changes color with fluid contact, indicating outer glove protection failure. Other detectors emit an audible and/or visual alarm when the glove fails (e.g., by tear, cut, perforation, or fluid saturation); they typically operate by detecting the flow of a very low electrical current when a closed electrical circuit is established due to fluid contact between the patient and the healthcare professional (e.g., a surgeon). Aseptic barrier penetration detectors are used during surgical and other procedures that have high a risk of cross-contamination.

Entry Terms : "Testers, Surgical Glove" , "Detectors, Protective Barrier Strike-Through" , "Detectors, Glove Perforation" , "Perforation Detectors, Protective Clothing" , "Detectors, Fluid Leak" , "Detectors, Protective Barrier Perforation" , "Surgical Glove Testers"

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