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Defibrillator/Pacemakers, External

Definition : Defibrillator-pacemakers that generate electric impulses outside the body and deliver them to the heart through the chest wall using paddles (or electrodes). These devices typically include an electrocardiographic monitor and two large-surface, conductive, disposable adhesive electrodes that conduct the electrical stimuli through the skin and skeletal muscle to the heart. External defibrillator-pacemakers allow defibrillators to be used in the emergency temporary treatment of asystole, severe bradycardia, implantable pacemaker failure, certain types of tachycardia, and sick sinus syndrome.

Entry Terms : "Defibrillators, Monophasic, External" , "Defibrillators, Biphasic, External" , "Defibrillator/Monitor/Pacemakers" , "Defibrillator/Monitors" , "Monitor/Defibrillators" , "Defibrillator/Pacemaker/Monitoring Systems"

UMDC code : 17882

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