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Compressed Gas Proportioners, Oxygen-Heliox

Definition : Compressed gas proportioners designed to mix oxygen (O2) with compressed heliox, a mixture of helium (He) and oxygen (O2), in helium/oxygen proportions of 80/20, 70/30, or less frequently, 60/40. These proportioners consist of a blending unit, with inputs from a cylinder of compressed heliox gas and oxygen that may be provided by a compressed oxygen cylinder or the hospital gas pipeline. The proportioner's output may achieve concentrations, volume, and flow values according to the patients' needs. The proportioners also include pressure controls, flowmeters, and an alarm if the oxygen content of the delivered gas is below 20 percent. The output of the proportioners (i.e., the blend of oxygen and heliox) may be delivered either at high (typically in a range from15 to 120 L/min) or at low (typically in a range from 2 to 30 L/min) flows. Heliox mixtures facilitate spontaneous breathing in patients with reduced respiratory capabilities due to the low density of helium.

Entry Terms : "Compressed Gas Proportioners, Heliox-Oxygen" , "Heliox-Oxygen Blenders" , "Heliox-Oxygen Mixers" , "Mixers, Heliox-Oxygen" , "Proportioners, Heliox-Oxygen"

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