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Catheters, Biliary, Retrieval, Balloon

Definition : Retrieval biliary catheters designed for extraction of calculi from the biliary tree. These catheters include a rounded distal tip that incorporates a balloon; typically, they are 2 mm in diameter when the balloon in uninflated more than 12 mm in diameter at maximum inflation. Gallstone extraction catheters are introduced into the common bile duct, the hepatic ducts, and/or the major hepatic biliary radicles (e.g., through a choledochostomy) and advanced past any calculi in the involved duct. The balloon is then inflated and gently withdrawn, bringing the stones with it. Gallstone extraction catheters are mostly used for extraction of intrahepatic duct stones; they may also be used for retrieval of foreign bodies in the biliary tree.

Entry Terms : "Balloon Catheters" , "Catheters, Balloon"

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