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Cameras, Gamma

Definition : Cameras designed to obtain a physiologic image of the distribution of gamma-ray-emitting radioisotopes within the human body after the injection or ingestion of a radiopharmaceutical. These cameras include a collimator to reduce scattered rays, a detector (e.g., a sodium iodide crystal, an array of multiple crystals) that converts the gamma rays in pulses of light (scintillation), photomultiplier tubes that convert light to electrical current, electronic circuitry to determine the location and magnitude of scintillation events, and a display. Gamma cameras are mostly used in the detection of cancerous tumors, nuclear cardiology studies, and cerebral blood flow images; they are frequently used in nuclear medicine as part of physiological imaging scanning systems.

Entry Terms : "Nuclear Imaging Systems" , "Gamma Cameras" , "Anger Cameras" , "Gantries, Nuclear Imaging" , "Cameras, Nuclear" , "Scintillation Cameras" , "Radioisotope Cameras" , "Nuclear Cameras" , "Cameras, Scintillation"

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