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Brushes, Cytology, Cervix/Uterine Endometrium

Definition : Cytology brushes designed to scrape and collect cells from the cervix and/or uterine endometrium (i.e., endocervical/ectocervical cell samples). These brushes usually consist of a cluster of stiff metallic or plastic bristles at the distal tip attached to a handle for direct manipulation. Cervical/uterine cytology brushes are available in a variety of configurations (e.g., with fibers perpendicular to the handle for endocervical sampling, with parallel fibers at the tip of the handle for simultaneous ectocervical and endocervical sampling, with two brushes arranged at right angles in an adjustable design, with shorter peripheral fibers). These brushes are used to obtain samples for Pap smears (both conventional and monolayer) and/or to detect bacteria in the cervix (e.g., chlamydia).

Entry Terms : "Endometrial Cytology Brushes" , "Endometrium Cytology Brushes" , "Cervical Cytology Brushes" , "Brushes, Endometrial"

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