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Aerosol Generators

Definition : Devices designed to produce (i.e., generate) gaseous suspensions of extremely small particles of a liquid or solid. These generators typically include a micro-ultrasonic, or pneumatic pumping mechanism capable of creating a fine-particle liquid mist appropriate for delivery to the patient's airways and/or for lung deposition. Aerosol generators are available in a variety of sizes and configurations according to the clinical procedure and/or the device used for aerosol delivery; they are usually connected through flexible hoses or tubes to face masks, ventilator breathing circuits, or aerosol tents. Some generators are an integral part of fixed and/or portable nebulizers. Aerosol generators are used mainly to produce an aerosolized mist from saline solutions and drug formulations; some dedicated devices are intended to produce a radioactive particle aerosol.

UMDC code : 10046

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