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New and improved technology helps advance the vision care industry. How one adopts and makes use of new technology can distinguish certain practices above others in the healthcare world. The Coburn IQ Center from Optometric Management will help you answer your questions and help identify the most appropriate technology for your practice.

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Gain a Competitive “Edge”

For numerous reasons, considering investing in an edger for your practice is a smart idea. It sizes you up to optical retailers, is incredibly convenient for patients, and turns profit. This article will discuss how to seamlessly integrate an edger into your practice.

In and Around the Exam Lane

Aside from bettering patient care, technology serves its purpose to improve customer service in a medical practice. It can streamline the history taking process, help put patients at ease, and even distract and entertain children in the waiting room. This article will explore some of the ways in which technology can serve as an aid to the customer service you provide in your practice.

The Thrill of Refracting is Back

Today optometrists are feeling newfound joy for refracting. New technology in the form of automated refraction systems can make your practice more efficient and can bring more fun to your daily routine. This article will touch upon the benefits of automated refraction systems and whether or not it may be a worthwhile investment for you.

Is It Time to Stop Refracting?

A refraction is one of the most important aspects of the patient experience during an eye exam. Investing in a high tech refraction system can increase practice efficiency greatly and in turn generate large profits. Here we summarize the benefits and ROI of the addition of a high tech refraction system to your practice.

Differentiate Your Practice Through Technology

This white paper presents 10 technologies that can help differentiate your practice from others and how to transition from a fee-for-service care toward fee-for-value care.

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