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10 Myths about Buying EMRs

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White Paper from Medical Mastermind

Changing the workflow in your office is not without risk, but the advantages of progressing to a paperless office with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are significant. With proper planning and the right partner, you can reduce overhead, increase revenue and enhance patient care. 

Research published in 2011 by the MGMA shows practices using  electronic records earn an average of $50,000 more a year. While no two EMR experiences are the same, there are common threads of information that can help you make the transition smoother.  This whitepaper from Software Unlimited discusses the most common myths about buying an EMR, including:

·  The transition to EMR will be long and expensive

· EMR software is time consuming and hard to learn

· There will be less time to spend with patients because using EMR will slow down processes

· EMR is a nightmare to implement

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