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Prontosan Wound Gel, 30 mL Bottle - 400560

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Product Literature/Brochure from B Braun Medical Inc

Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution and Prontosan Wound Gel may be used together or independently. Two effective ingredients combined to maximize cleansing power: PHMB & Betaine. PHMB (Polyhexanide) functions as a preservative (also found in contact lens solution) that inhibits the growth of microorganisms within the product. Betaine (Surfactant) is a surface-active cleanser that provides immediate debridement. Applied directly from the 350mL bottle providing selective mechanical debridement at 7 PSI. Easy to use – no further preparation required. Apply at every dressing change, or per your facility's protocol. Economical 28-day shelf life after opening.

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