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Improving Charge Capture

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White Paper from Revenue Cycle Management IQ Center

Are you getting paid for everything that you do? If you don’t know the answer – and many physicians don’t – then the answer is probably “no.”

It’s easy to gripe about insurance companies’ pay rates and the hassle they cause your staff. But charge capture – the simple process of documenting the things you do for which you should be paid – is a much bigger threat to practices’ revenue. If you don’t capture it, you can’t bill for it.

But this is one problem that is entirely within your control to solve.

Start by understanding where your charge capture process is going wrong. This white paper can help. You’ll learn what the most common mistakes are and get some guidance on how to fix them.

It seems so simple: Do it. Document it. Bill for it. But at many medical practices, that’s just not how it happens.

Find out how to get this right. Every time.

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