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Squeeze Every Nickel Out of Your EHR

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Article from EHR IQ Center

For all the things said about Electronic Health Records systems, one thing is clear: Many of them are expensive.

For the most part, they are worth the investment. A good EHR implemented correctly and maximized to its fullest potential can save you thousands a year in wasted time, help you get paid more fairly for the work you do, and let you see more patients.

But in reality, many practices don't maximize their EHRs. They get bogged down in negativity about the difficulty of the change. They learn only the basics of the system and never discover its higher-end features. Or they fail to commit fully to the transition, persisting partially with paper records.

If there's anything worse than a bad investment, it's a good investment that you don't make the most of. Don't let that happen to you. This article will guide you on how to maximize your EHR investment.

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