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Expand your OCT horizons with the versatility of the iStand. Enhance clinical decisions, procedure planning,documentation, and follow patients from diagnosis, through post-op.Gives you the ability to scan patients in a variety of positions.
Head-worn Indirect Ophthalmoscope with integrated teaching mirrors.The instrument of choice for teaching and operating rooms. Integrated teaching mirrors left and right. Identical images for the examiner and two observers.
ReSeeVit elite HR Camera and Software
The elite Digital Camera is specially engineered from the ground up to be used on a biomicroscope. Unlike most ophthalmic manufactures, which start with an off the shelf camera, the elite has proprietary features that make it excel above and beyond our competitors.
The new TRC-NW300 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera combines ease of use with superior image quality. A new all-in-one design features a built-in 8 megapixel CCD camera. The TRC-NW300 incorporates auto focus, auto exposure and auto shoot for added operator convenience! Direct printout to a digital printer without the need for an external computer adds to the instrument's portability.

6 Key Strategies for Medical A/R Management
Providers are working hard to defend against reimbursement cuts and to lower their operating costs -- all while still providing top-quality care to patients. Complicated medical billing processes aggravate the situation. As billing complexity continues to increase, so does the importance of taking proactive steps to collect more of your money from payers.
Increase patient care services without inflating costs
Today, health organizations, doctors and hospitals are facing major challenges--they have the duty to ensure comprehensive patient care while dealing with increasing cost pressures and shrinking budgets. Read this whitepaper for a technology prescription for healthcare organizations.
4 Surefire Signs you need a new EHR for MU2 & beyond
With the upcoming ICD-10 implementation, industry experts still believe that EHR readiness remains a major concern for many practices. But how do you know if it is time to change your EHR? Although you may be reluctant to junk such a large investment, a lackluster EHR can cost you even more down the road, as CMS requirements become more demanding.
Tips To A Successful Approach To EHR Implementation
The initial EHR implementation for your practice was likely very taxing. The question that you may want to consider now is, was it a success? Tips to a Successful Approach to EHR Implementation describes some of the pitfalls of EHR implementation and suggests how to create an implementation plan to achieve successful outcomes across all areas of your practice.

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