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Expand your OCT horizons with the versatility of the iStand. Enhance clinical decisions, procedure planning,documentation, and follow patients from diagnosis, through post-op.Gives you the ability to scan patients in a variety of positions.
Head-worn Indirect Ophthalmoscope with integrated teaching mirrors.The instrument of choice for teaching and operating rooms. Integrated teaching mirrors left and right. Identical images for the examiner and two observers.
ReSeeVit elite HR Camera and Software
The elite Digital Camera is specially engineered from the ground up to be used on a biomicroscope. Unlike most ophthalmic manufactures, which start with an off the shelf camera, the elite has proprietary features that make it excel above and beyond our competitors.
The new TRC-NW300 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera combines ease of use with superior image quality. A new all-in-one design features a built-in 8 megapixel CCD camera. The TRC-NW300 incorporates auto focus, auto exposure and auto shoot for added operator convenience! Direct printout to a digital printer without the need for an external computer adds to the instrument's portability.

What you need to know to realize value-based revenue
New rules governing healthcare are taking providers by storm. One area that is quickly changing is the fee-for-service payment model. This system, one we understand well and are comfortable with, will become virtually obsolete over the next decade according to analysts.
Top 5 reasons to speech-enable clinical documentation
Huge strides have been made in the quality, accuracy, performance, affordability and "time-to-value" of speech technology solutions, and their use in healthcare is on a dramatic upswing. Why does speech-enabled clinical documentation make sense in acute and ambulatory healthcare environments? Here are five important reasons
How to Create a Better Patient Experience
Patient turnover may threaten the financial stability of some practices. Studies have shown patients rarely leave a practice due to distrust in a physician's skills, but rather due to frustrations with office procedures and staff. With several economic factors impacting practices, fostering loyalty with patients is more important than ever.
Online Scheduling: Boost Revenue and Patient Satisfaction
If appointments are the vehicle that drives your practice, scheduling them is the fuel. And with the rise of a tech-savvy consumer base that relies on the internet for their shopping and services, the demand for online scheduling is higher than ever before. In this whitepaper, we're going to tell you how online scheduling will boost your revenue and patient satisfaction, streamline your processes, and ensure your day is fully booked
Why Connecting Clinicians is Critical
Healthcare providers are under pressure to improve management of chronic care diseases, eliminate unnecessary costs and deliver high-quality, patient-centered care. In this whitepaper you'll learn how financial, regulatory and market forces are reshaping healthcare, and how better collaboration can help providers survive and thrive in this new era.
Faster Collections, Faster Workflow
Office automation. Technology innovation. These phrases typically have positive business connotations in almost any industry. For a medical practice, though, they might prompt skepticism, or even fear - especially if they evoke memories of a difficult conversion to an EHR or PMS that turned out not to be the perfect fit.

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